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Training for Individuals

Online courses

Training courses designed for individuals. Our signature course is a walkthrough of our framework, with templated handouts to help drive you towards exceeding quota immediately. 


Live training

With limited seating this course is 4 hours of instructor led sessions and activities followed by a 1 hour 1:1 session with our instructor to drive home delivery and execution of our content. 



Access our coaches instantly, connect with other sellers, and have full access to our content. Stronger together we're here to learn from one another and get better as a community. 


We know sellers because we were you. EQ has trained thousands of sellers like yourself for 15 years and uses behavioral science, adult learning theory and change management to make sure our content is designed for lasting results. 


Let EQ be the secret weapon in your back pocket! Having a place to upskill with community support that is private and separate from your day job, has helped so many people develop and build the career success they've always wanted. 

Join the community and start closing more deals today


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