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Turn potential into performance with EQ.

Pipeline Stability

A stable pipeline is the basis of any growth engine. Customers need to understand the value you provide and how it gets them to their positive business outcomes. 

Consultative Services:

  • Value Messaging Framework

  • Differentiation Model



  • Prospecting Skills

  • Value Messaging Framework

  • Cadence/Sequence building

  • Time Management 

  • Organizational Skills


Sales Strategy

Sales processes need to be detailed enough to elevate the entire team, and flexible enough to provide autonomy for each rep to drive their deals in their own style. 


Consultative Services: 

  • Sales/CX Framework

  • Pilot/Evaluation Program



  • Strategic Territory Mapping

  • Foundations (Account Discovery)

  • Account Research & Multi-threading

  • Seeking a Compelling Event

  • Negotiation (Give/Gets)

  • Mutual Action Plans


Leadership & Coaching

Managers come with unique sets of skills and deficits that need to be grown into a standard for leadership that drives sales culture through high emotional intelligence. 


Consultative Services:

  • Team Assessment & Development

  • Personalized Coaching


  • Skill/Will Mapping

  • Behavioral Change Management

  • Driving High performance

  • Managing tough conversations

  • Hiring & Interviewing HiPos


Enablement Consultants

EQ's platform means you don't have to invest in a learning tool. Our frameworks are highly applicable, meaning you don't need to build from scratch, and our network of industry leaders means you have a wealth of knowledge ready for launch. 

Scaling sales without enablement is like riding a bike with low air in the tires. Sure, it’s doable. But you’re in for a rough ride. Build it right the first time for sustained and repeatable growth. 

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