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Lead better, sell more, with EQ. 


Create Performance Leadership with Emotional Intelligence

Top performers are the ones who are promoted to lead teams, but the skills that make a great individual are not the same skills that make a great leader. 

Sales leaders who are emotionally aware and lead authentically are proven to sell more than their peers, have higher customer satisfaction rates, and gain more customer referrals. 

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Mindful Leadership

In today's economy the pressure is mounting for sales leaders to build high performing teams and exceed quota. Without a proper framework of universal principles and tactical skills, leaders will fall short. 

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is vital in today's selling environment. Leaders and sellers who have higher EQ and self awareness have more accurate forecasts, higher close rates, and their average contract value (ACV) is higher than their peers. 

Join the next cohort and learn how to thrive.

Sales Leadership Training

Sales Leadership Coaching & Development Program

Sign up for our sales leadership training program and gain crucial skills that will drive growth. You will learn how to: 

  • Master self, know your strengths

  • Coach versus manage

  • Run a high performance team

  • Build a sustainable culture

  • Hire a championship roster 

Leaders who finish our programs tell us that not only are they better prepared to lead than ever before, but they know themselves better too. Confidence, clarity, and motivation increase which directly transfers to their teams. 

Shorter Sales Cycles, Higher Close Rates

Become a Certified Sales Leadership Professional (CSLP) and learn how to drive real results for your teams. Every opportunity counts, and in order to win, HOW you sell needs to be as unique as your product in the market. Through our updated Guide Seller methodology you'll differentiate yourself from the competition. 

Award-Winning and Proven Track Record 

CEO & Founder Brent Boeckman has spent the last 20 years in sales and leadership development. ExceedingQuota was founded to solve gaps in leadership skills and redefine how we sell in today's modern market.

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