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About EQ

Our Ethos

To reinvent the sales experience through high emotional intelligence (EQ) and drive performance with proven repeatable processes. 

Companies invest in sales education too late. They build in-house enablement that's costly, time consuming, and limited to who's available in the market at that time.  

Working with EQ eliminates that. We built award-winning cultures that can grow a businesses potential exponentially. 

Let's get your team exceeding quota today. 


Exceeding Quota (EQ) was founded to bring more organizations and individuals the power & knowledge necessary to achieve significant growth, and to create a culture synonymous with high performance.  

Through decades of experience in multiple methodologies, coaching certifications, and successful start ups, EQ has developed a truly unique approach to building a powerful sales team. EQ focuses on the foundation necessary for a seller to create lasting behavior change, all while reducing overall cost to our clients who would otherwise try to build programs in-house from scratch.

Our individualized approach focuses on the whole human being, both in their work performance, and in their own core operating system. We start within the person, build their emotional intelligence (EQ) and end with structured business processes, helping the individual build practices and habits that serve them their entire career. 


Brent Boeckman, CEO and founder of Exceeding Quota, has developed and enabled thousands of sellers and leaders. Over his 15 years in the industry he has completed multiple certification programs in executive and individual coaching, sales methodologies, behavior change, change management, conflict resolution and emotional wellness.

EQ was founded to bring a new generation of sellers into the world. Sellers that are authentic, trustworthy and can build lasting relationships with customers that continue to grow the business. 


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