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Exceeding Quota (EQ) was founded to create high performance cultures. We bring organizations and individuals the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve significant growth.  

Our individualized approach focuses on the whole human being, both in their work performance, and in their core operating system. We start within the person, build their emotional intelligence (EQ) and end with structured business processes, helping the individual build practices and habits that serve them throughout their entire career. 

Founder of Exceeding Quota

Hello! My name is Brent Boeckman. In 20 years I’ve seen the same methodologies and frameworks delivered over and over again with wildly varying success. The most constant measurement of success or failure? The abilities and awareness of the ones in charge. Enablement only works when leaders can coach, manage, and reinforce authentically. 

I started focusing on tactical skills and universal principles to teach others how to lead effectively using some of the following modalities: 

→ Emotional Leadership Coaching (EVRYMAN)

→ Executive Strengths Coaching (Gallup)

→ Organizational Change Management (Prosci)

→ Conflict Resolution (Thomas-Kilmann)

That’s why I founded ExceedingQuota. After testing my own models and frameworks at multiple companies I realized that HOW we sell needs to be as unique in the market as WHAT we sell. EQ is that solution. I look forward to meeting you.


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