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Turn potential into performance


Leadership Development Program

Successfully scaling and growing sales is dependent on its leaders. Often times great individual contributors become managers without the skills to lead. 


In our 8-week program we take sales managers through a program designed for both individual and organizational growth.  


Of companies fail to choose the candidate with the right talent for the job. 


People have the talent to effectively manage others. Another 2 in 10 have functioning managerial talent. 


Of managers are not engaged or are actively disengaged in their work. 

*stats from the most recent Gallup State of American Manager Report.

Leadership is a Skill. 

Leadership is an underutilized and drastically underprioritized skill in sales. Leadership is the linchpin of organizational success. With strong leadership companies see 30% increased profits, higher close rates, and stronger customer retention. Companies with poor leadership erode trust with customers, destroy company culture and unless fixed, will be the reason why a great product fails.


Maximize your chances of winning by partnering with ExceedingQuota. 

In order to win, HOW you sell needs to be as unique as your product in the market.

Mindfully Trained Leaders At

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Learn in 8 Week what took most years to develop for themselves 

An 8-week masterclass in learning how to lead with authenticity and mindfulness. 


Week 1: Kickoff the program with deep self awareness and understanding of how our own mental and emotional states drive us.  


Week 2: Knowledge of our own unique strengths using Clifton Strengths (Gallup) to build clarity and confidence in yourself as a leader. 


Week 3: Begin to implement the first two weeks into practice of leading others, using templates and frameworks to help drive accountability, positive coaching, and clear communication. 


Week 4: Learn the different types of human motivation, how they drive our behaviors, and how to leverage them to build a high performance culture. 


Week 5: Develop skills in accountability and performance management by measuring what matters. 


Week 6: Learn the science of behavior change to drive adoption and agility within the individuals you lead. 

Week 7: Differentiate from the competition and learn how to lead a team with Guide Selling. 

Week 8: Bring all that we've learned together and create a meaningful and authentic path towards selling authentically. 


*Upon successful completion of this course you will be provided with a certification/badge that can be applied to your LinkedIn profile showing the world your dedication in both innovative sales practices and leading powerfully with emotional intelligence. 


Maximize your chances of winning by partnering with ExceedingQuota. 


  • What makes EQ's sales leadership program unique?
    Our approach to leadership development is designed specifically for application in revenue organizations. Our program is full of universal principles, tactical skills, and templates to help sales leaders drive increased revenue and team performance.
  • What will I gain from attending this course?
    What you can expect upon completion: - A greater sense of self and how you manage as an individual. - Applicable templates and content that can be implemented immediately. - Gain confidence in your leadership abilities. - Tangible practice and skills for managing others. - Frameworks and concepts to simplify forecasting and management of the business. - The ability to lead authentically, empower others, and increase team performance. - A certificate of completion and badge that can be added to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Who is this program intended for?
    This program is for anyone in sales leadership or who would like to become a sales leader.
  • What is the total time commitment?
    You can expect a 90 minute live teaching session and an additional 1 to 2 hours of homework each week over the course of 8 weeks.
  • What's the difference between a private and open cohort?
    A private cohort is specifically designed for a team within a single company. This is a good fit if your entire sales leadership team needs to upskill and build collaboration together. An open cohort is for leaders from multiple companies. This is a good fit if you would like to learn from others outside of your organization and build a professional network.
  • Can I take this course as an individual?
    Yes! Our leadership program has been used by many to level up their career.
  • What if I miss a session?
    Not a problem! All sessions are recorded and provided on the next business day for you to view and stay caught up on your own time.
  • Do you offer other trainings as well?
    All of the trainings below are available as an add-on service when you enroll in our leadership program. Many of our clients continue their training and education by offering these courses to their teams. Leadership Coaching Consultative Services: Team Assessment & Development Personalized Coaching ​ Training(s) Skill/Will Mapping Behavioral Change Management Driving High performance Managing tough conversations Interviewing High Performerers Sales Strategy Consultative Services: Sales/CX Framework Pilot/Evaluation Program Training(s) Strategic Territory Mapping Foundations (Account Discovery) Account Research & Multi-threading Seeking a Compelling Event Negotiation (Give/Gets) Mutual Action Plans Pipeline Stability A stable pipeline is the basis of any growth engine. Customers need to understand the value you provide and how it gets them to their positive business outcomes. ​ Consultative Services: Value Messaging Framework Differentiation Model Training(s): Prospecting Skills Value Messaging Framework Cadence/Sequence building Time Management Organizational Skills Sales Enablement Consulting ExceedingQuota is a network of highly skilled Enablement and start-up professionals. Our frameworks are highly applicable, meaning you don't need to build from scratch. Whether you are seeking specific industry knowledge, or an expert on a certain topic, we can either do it or introduce you to the right person who can.
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